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Christian Distinctiveness

“The school aims to serve the community by providing a safe and nurturing environment that will enable all children to reach their potential; academically, socially and emotionally. This is achieved within the context of Christian beliefs and practice, encouraging an understanding of the meaning of faith and promoting Christian Values through the experiences we offer to all our children.

A Christian Perspective on Values

2 Year Rolling Programme of Christian Values

Christian values display

Collective Worship

At St Mary’s, the school community come from a wide range of faiths and no faith. We recognise that in asking our children to worship we have to consider their background and it is, therefore, not the practice of this school to indoctrinate or convert children. The faith background of both the staff and the child’s family is respected at all times. Parents have the right to withdraw their child from assemblies on grounds of their beliefs or religion. Children who are withdrawn from assembly will be suitably supervised. Staff also have the right to withdraw from assemblies on these grounds.

Collective Worship Policy

Values Team

The role of the Values Team is to help embed the values in the life of the school. 

They do this through taking an active role in Collective Worship, being the voice of their classmates and taking on appropriate projects during the year. 

Summer Term 2019 will see them reinstating the outside Calm Garden and the use of the Calm Room during Golden Time as places of refection and calmness.