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Number formation

As a first point of call, please action any advice that your child’s teacher gave to you at parents evening as this will be individualised to your child’s needs. Below are some of the key areas of learning that would be valuable for all pupils:-

  • Count in steps of 1, 2, 5, 10 and 3 (See where your child gets stuck and work from this point) Children are expected to be fluent in counting in all of these steps by the end of Year 2.
  • Number and letter formation
  • Read and spell the tricky words/common exception words that your teacher has sent home.
  • Daily reading linked to the targets that are in your child’s reading diaries.
  • Use of the reading strategies while reading which have been sent home to parents.
  • Keep a daily diary to provide purpose for writing.
  • This is a valuable website for reading all about the Easter story.
  • You may want to plant a seed and watch it grow, measure it and write a daily diary. This is a great way to link science, maths and writing. Plus, children will enjoy observing the changes over time.



MarvellousMe tells you about the wonderful things that your child is learning, and pings you when they’ve been praised for good work or a great character skill.

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