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Our school takes up to 180 Infant Children with an admission limit of 60 children per year group. There are many adults to support the children to reach their full potential. Each class has a full time teaching assistant and teacher. The children work hard, enjoy their playtimes and have FUN!

The ethos of the school is for a caring and supportive environment where pupils are expected to try their best with the support and understanding of interested and highly motivated adults in school.

The children work very hard to reach their own individual potential. Children in the reception classes follow the foundation stage curriculum and years 1 & 2 follow the National Curriculum with numeracy and literacy hour each day and a broad range of subjects planned across each term. The teachers plan together to ensure equality for each class in the year group.

We have Wow! weeks during the year when we focus on an area of the curriculum.

Recent Wow! weeks have included "Literacy week" "Maths week" and "Feeling good week".

Work is based around a topic and children often work together on fun activities in different parts of the building and school gounds. There is always one day during the week when all children and staff dress up in fancy dress.

The parents are invited to watch children at work and play and have an information session delivered by the subject coordinator based on the theme for the week, such as reading.


Feedback from literacy morning, Tuesday, 23rd October, 2012

Many thanks to the thirty-two parents who attended the literacy talk on reading this week. Parents’ views on both the literacy week and the talk were very supportive and useful. The children enjoyed the theatre group and dressing up and some parents also said that their children showed a greater interest in and enthusiasm for traditional tales and books in general. Suggestions for future weeks included having non-fiction literacy themes, or science or history based themes.
Thank you again for all your support,
T. Glenister, literacy coordinator.

Literacy Week

Book Display in the hall

The Three Billy Goats Gruff Display


Albaraca School, The Gambia


We support a school in the Gambia, Africa named Albaraca School. We raised £1000 last year by organising fund raising activities to buy mosquito nets.
We continue to support the school by sending money raised from selling our Harvest Festival food bags. This year we made £82.




                                                           Collecting pennies for Albaraca School

The school is for children aged between 3-7 years old. We have had trustees from the school to visit us and give us firsthand knowledge about the school and how we can support the children there.