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The Governing Body at St. Mary's Infant School is enthusiastic and proactive in its approach, working together with the headteacher to set the future direction for the school and deciding in consultation with the headteacher how the school's budget should be spent. Governing bodies make decisions collectively on matters such as performance targets, school policies and the school's development plan. Governors monitor the impact of policies and oversee the use of the school's budget. Governors provide the headteacher with support and advice, they ask searching questions and respect the headteacher's position as professional leader of the school.

Here at St. Mary's we are very much an integral part of the school, with those Governors who can, coming into school to help and interact with the children on a regular basis.

Our latest Ofsted Inspection found the school to be good with lots of outstanding features, something we are very proud of and which reflects the good relationship between the leadership and management of the school.

Governors are always available to discuss any issues that you may have and parent governors can generally be found in the playground before and after school. Alternatively the school can put you in touch with a different governor, just write or telephone the school who will pass on your request.

Being a Governor is both very interesting and fulfilling. We have to deal with lots of different issues such as staff development, performance managerment, health & safety together with premises and personnel issues. If you are interested in becoming a Governor you can always contact the Chair of Governors, c/o St. Mary's Infant School, St. Mary's Way, Baldock, Herts. SG7 6HY.

Our Governing Body is:


Judy Adams Chair of Governors
Dan Alleton Vice Chair of Governors / LEA Governor
Sharon Nicholson Parent Governor
Mark Goddard Parent Governor
Claire Lunnon Parent Governor
Nancy Cummins Parent Governor
Sarah Haywood Parent Governor
Bobbie Collins Foundation Governor
Bernadette Shaw Foundation Governor
Rev. Andrew Holford Foundation Governor
Stella Harrison Staff Governor (Teaching)
Hazel Stuart Staff Governor (Non-teaching)
Val Morris Staff Governor
Wendy Newberry Community Governor
Andrew Watkin Community Governor
Janet Hammond Associate Member
Teresa Glenister Associate Member
Gill Quirke Associate Member



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