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School Development Priorities

All school set development priorities for the year. At St Mary’s Infants School these are our current development priorities which we are working on throughout the 2022 -2023 academic year. 

  • New subject leaders demonstrate effective leadership by ensuring the intent and implementation of the curriculum is having an impact on pupils knowing more and remembering more.
  • To continue to improve attainment in reading and phonics through the Read Write Inc programme.
  • To develop oracy within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)
  • New Special Educational Needs (SEND) leader to ensure that SEND and Pupil Premium pupils are learning the intended curriculum. 
  • Ensure that the additional pastoral provision is having a positive impact on identified pupils’ outcomes.
  • Improve pupil attendance
  • The new team enable pupils’ behaviour to be exemplary, driven by bespoke personalised plans and consistent implementation.
  • New Christian Distinctiveness leaders empower the community to take action within their strands to enable all pupils to flourish.


We also have a rigorous staff continuous development programme and work closely with advisors from Hertfs for Learning (HfL) around our English, Maths, SEND , EYFS and Assessment provision. 

In addition we have a Hertfordshire Improvement Partner who quality assures the senior leadership team.