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The School Day

Each morning the classroom doors will be opened at 8.40am for children to go into their classrooms and begin morning work.

School starts at 8.45am and children should be in school and beginning learning by this time.  Children who arrive after 8.45am will be marked in the register as late.

It is important to be on time at the start of the morning and afternoon sessions and also to lessons. The start of school is used to give out instructions or organise work. If your child is late, they can miss time with their class teacher getting vital information, cause disruption to the lesson for others, and it can be embarrassing leading to possible further absence.

If your child arrives in school after 09.15am then they are marked in the register as ‘late after registers closed’.  This is an unauthorised absence from school.  (Please see our lateness and punctuality section for information about what this means).

School ends at 3.15pm and children can be picked up from their classroom doors.