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Promoting Good Attendance

The foundation for good attendance is a strong partnership between the school, parent/s and the child. The Home School Agreement will contain details of how we will work with parents and our expectations of what parents will need to do to ensure their child achieves good attendance. To help us all to focus on this we will:

  • provide information on all matters related to attendance in our weekly newsletter and website
  • report to you on how your child is performing in school, what their attendance and punctuality rate is and how this relates to their attainment
  • celebrate good attendance


My child is trying to avoid coming to school. What should I do?

Children are sometimes reluctant to attend school. Any problems with regular attendance are best sorted out between the school, the parents/carers and the child. If a child is reluctant to attend, then it is better not to cover up their absence or to give into pressure to excuse them from attending. This gives the impression that attendance does not matter and may also make things worse. Contact your child’s teacher immediately and openly discuss your worries. Your child could be avoiding school for a number of reasons for example; difficulties with schoolwork, friendship problems or family difficulties. It is important that we identify the reason for your child’s reluctance to attend school and work together to tackle the problem. In some cases, you may find it helpful to discuss the circumstances of your child’s difficulties with another professional.

What can I do to encourage my child to attend school?

Make sure your child gets enough sleep and gets up in plenty of time each morning. Ensure that he/she leaves home in the correct clothes and properly equipped. Show your child, by your interest, that you value his/her education.


For many parents, your child attending school may be your first experience of being separated from them. This can seem daunting at first for both of you, but consistency and a caring, supportive home and school life will make the transition a quick and easy experience for you both.