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Curriculum Overview

This is the whole school overview that show the topics covered and the subjects that will be studied in each half term.



Over the year, year groups and Subject Leaders, will ensure that all objectives within the National Curriculum have been sufficiently met and there is clear evidence of progression.


Phonics, Reading and Writing

Intent At St Mary’s Infant School, we aim for all our children to become fluent, confident readers who are passionate about reading. Children who read regularly or are read to regularly have the opportunity to open the doors to so many different worlds! More importantly, reading will give your child the tools to become independent …

Maths Curriculum

At St Mary’s we adopt a Maths mastery approach to this key subject. Maths mastery is a teaching and learning approach that aims for pupils to develop deep understanding of maths rather than being able to memorise key procedures or resort to rote learning. The end goal and expectation is for all pupils (with very …