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The computing curriculum at St Marys develop pupils’ knowledge and skills across the areas of digital literacy, online safety, computational thinking and computers and hardware. Their learning also includes cross curricular links and coding.   

In year 1 the children study programming using Bee Bots and are introduced to algorithms. They learn about creating media by working with digital imagery. They are introduced to data and data handling. They learn about computing systems and networks by improving their mouse skills. There is also a topic about online safety. 

In year 2 they build on their knowledge of computing systems and networks and develop their programming skills using Scratch. Algorithms are revisited with the added challenge of debugging. Their basic knowledge of data handling is developed through researching and gathering facts about the International Space Station. Online safety is recapped and is developed from what they learnt in year 1. They are introduced to touch typing and the basic skills needed for word processing. They also create media by making a stop motion video. 

The school offers a range of digital resources including a class set of Chromebooks and a selection of Ipads.