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 Welcome to Starlight & Sunshine class!

Our setting has been planned to ensure that it is an enabling environment that allows the children to have a deep level of involvement in the activities that they choose to access, both inside and out.

How we teach – Continuous Provision

Planning in the moment is all about seizing the moment for children to progress.  Based on what the children are already deeply involved in, this way of planning relies on skilled practitioners using quality interactions to draw out the children’s knowledge and build on it there and then (in the moment).  This means that the practitioner uses skills to observe what the child is doing and needs to do next, assesses the teachable moment from the child’s perspective and be skilled enough to know when to intervene and when to stand back and observe.

Planning in the moment is all about capturing the moment of engagement and running with it to make sure the children progress.

Grow time – Child-Initiated Learning

Child-initiated learning has an important role in children’s learning and development, because children explore and learn from their own thoughts and ideas through the freedom and creativity that child-initiated play enables.  We have named our child-initiated learning time ‘Grow Time’ as the children are developing, allowing them to flourish into growth mindset learners.