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Collective Worship

Collective worship takes place each day, ably supported by our Worship Acolytes.  We come together as a community before God to share in the life and stories of Jesus Christ, His Son. Daily worship is rooted in Christianity, whilst also taking in account our 12 chosen school values and any religious festivals.  At St Mary’s Infants School, we recognise that the school community come from a wide range of faiths and no faith, and that in asking our children to worship we have to consider their background.

All pupils and staff come together for this spiritual time together to reflect on their lives and how they live them to the full. Pupils develop their moral and social thinking during worship; each worship has time for silence and reflection to think and pray for what we are grateful for and how that worship will impact on our lives moving forward. 

Collective Worship is exceptionally important to us as a school community. Parents do have the right to withdraw their children from Collective Worship, but are invited to discuss any concerns before making any decisions.