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St Mary’s Vision & Values

Our Vision
‘We aspire to be a community living life in all its fullness. We share, care, learn and love with God,
valuing the dignity and respect of all humanity and creation. Through the power of the Holy Spirit
Jesus’ Kingdom comes and everyone can flourish together.’

What does our vision mean to us?

We aspire to be a community living life in all its fullness   (The Church of England’s vision for education)
We share, care, learn and love with God   (Our Mission)
Valuing the dignity and respect of all humanity and creation   (A link to Jonah and the Whale)
Through the power of the Holy Spirit   (The Trinity)
Jesus’ Kingdom comes   (Link to the Lord’s prayer)
And everyone can flourish together   (Community and Achievement)

Our Values 

Friendship, Perseverance, Respect, Trust, Thankfulness, Humility,
Generosity, Forgiveness, Courage, Peace, Compassion, Responsibility

Each value has a Christian basis and during the term in which it is the focus, each value is brought to the centre of assemblies using Bible stories, stories from other religions and children’s story books.  For further detail of how this achieved, please click here.

Christian Values 2023-2025

Our 6 Key Ideals

During the academic year 2019/20, all stakeholders were given an opportunity to share what they wanted for the children of St Mary’s Infants School.  All these wishes were grouped together and a heading was created which represented the wishes within each category.  This created our six key ideals below.  Our six key ideals underpin our vision, which is rooted around the Bible story of Jonah and the Whale.  Click here to view a document created by Father Andrew to explain how this story links to our vision, mission, values and key ideals.

Christian Distinctiveness Working Party

We have a half termly Christan Distinctiveness Working Party comprised of parents, members from the church, school leaders and members of staff. The purpose of the meeting is to identify how the schools’ vision is implemented in action with impact. The party deep dive a strand from the SIAMS framework at each meeting and hold leaders to account for the progress made towards actions and next steps against the SIAMS framework.

Click the link here to see the minutes from our last

CDWP party 06.10.22

CDWP party 08.12.22

CDWP party 09.02.23

CDWP 23.03.23

CDWP 25.05.23

CDWP 04.10.23


CDWP 21.03.24

CDWP 27.06.24