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At St. Mary’s Infants School, we place high value on the development of each and every child. At the heart of all we do in school, we not only develop our pupil’s values to live successful and fulfilled lives, but we also emphasise the children’s spiritual development.

What does spirituality mean to us? 

At St Mary’s spirituality is not something that you can see, It is not something that you can hear, 

It is something that you can feel and wonder about, that is greater than ourselves. 

Spirituality at St Mary’s Infants

Spiritual Areas

All classes throughout our school contain a Spiritual Area and each is personal to that class and the children who use it. Each area is a focus within the room and is utilised each day with the pupils. The Spiritual Area in your child’s class is central to the class worship.

The children write prayers, reflect and learn about the life of Jesus and his teachings, through the gospels.  Some children like to take the time to be silent in their busy lives in their Spiritual Area.

At St. Mary’s there are many ways in which we aim to develop spirituality. These include:

  • the use of calming or thought-provoking music
  • experiencing silence and the impact this can have on emotions, thoughts and feelings
  • building time into every day to reflect on what has been and what is to come
  • sharing ‘Big Questions’ and building in time to ponder –
    • Is it possible to think yourself happy?
    • Can kindness really change the world?
    • Time to develop thoughts and beliefs
    • Space to write prayers and think more deeply


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