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Spiritual Garden

Our Spiritual Garden is a place where children and adults can sit quietly and enjoy the peace and calm of natural surroundings.

The garden contains a range of features representing the elements that are important to our community:

  • The soothing sounds of a wind chime, to evoke the sense of hearing
  • Animal sculptures to represent God’s creation of animals
  • A water feature to represent the water on God’s planet and to evoke peaceful sounds
  • Benches for collective reflection
  • A cross and lectern to reflect the Christian foundation of the school
  • A wonderful array of plants to stimulate the senses with their bright colours, fragrance and textures, at the same time attracting insects

The natural stone of the Sun and Fish mosaic suggest silence and strength, whilst the wooden features and trees provide a sense of warmth and shelter.

In 2021, our PTA chair, Mrs Rowe, our Caretaker, Mr Boddy, and our pupils worked together as a team to reinvent our Spiritual Garden.  The beautiful new sign is made from reclaimed wood.  It has been given a second chance – just like our garden!